Amethyst Orgonite Necklace

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  • This beautiful, 100% authentic orgonite gemstone necklace will help shield you from negativity during your day and will help open your crown chakra & throat chakras. One of the most powerful crystals around, it will help you balance your emotions, calm the mind & promote a higher state of consciousness.

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4 reviews for Amethyst Orgonite Necklace

  1. Ronald

    Very pretty and good quality Orgonite Necklace. I found what i was looking for. Thanks Awakened Earth Orgonites.

  2. Kelly Brough

    Very pretty necklace. I am so happy to receive this Amethyst Orgonite Necklace. Just love it.

  3. Bailey

    Beautiful Amethyst Orgonite Necklace. Bought this for my friend and she just loved it! Thanks to Awakened Earth Orgonites. Cheers!!

  4. Caitlin Howse

    Powerful Amethyst Orgonite Necklace by Awakened Earth Orgonites. I am really happy with it. Highly recommended!

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