Amethyst Orgonite Pyramid


Our Amethyst Orgonite Pyramid combines the power of orgone crystal and pyramid energy.

Authentic Amethyst crystals surround a clear Quartz core wrapped in copper, with metal fillings and a copper coil.

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Orgonite Pyramids are created by combining resin with metals and crystals. These positive energy generators work continuously to help clear surrounding negative energy, purify the air, protect against EMF, balance mood, and relieve stress.

Amethyst is part of the quartz family and is known as “the master healing crystal”. As well as being aesthetically pleasing, this authentic Amethyst Orgonite Pyramid has strong healing and cleansing powers and can bring clarity and calmness. 

  • Helps balance moods
  • Helps relieve headaches and migraines
  • Helps open the third eye chakra
  • Helps deepen meditation
  • Relieves stress
  • Dissolves negativity
  • Helps heal the mind, body & spirit
  • Aids in dream recall

Average Pyramid Size: 70mm x 70mm

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