Awakening Essentials Pack

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This epic pack contains everything you need to assist you on your spiritual awakening journey:

1. Jade Crystal Orgonite Pyramid ($33.00)

2. Doreen Virtue Crystal Angel Cards  ($19.95)

3. 1 x Crystal Orgonite Pendulum ($9.95)

4. Amethyst Crystal Orgonite Necklace (19.95)

5. Earth Chakra Bracelet ($19.95)

6. 7-piece Chakra set (34.95)

PACK VALUE: $137.75    TOTAL SAVINGS $37.80!

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1. Jade Orgonite Crystal Pyramid: This strikingly beautiful green pyramid is 100% authentic Jade, which is a stone that can bring great peace and balance to our lives and increase our confidence. It will keep you calm and level headed when faced with stressful situations. Jade also helps bring suppressed emotions to the surface in order for them to be healed. It is a highly spiritual stone and increases ones connection to the divine.

2. Earth Chakra Bracelet: These stunning bracelets contain lava beads which are derived from natural volcanic basalt. It is a highly grounding stone that connects you to Mother Earth. Each one of the coloured stone beads corresponds to a different chakra point on the body. Not only that, they also look cool AF!

3. 7-piece Crystal Orgonite Chakra Set: Each one of these beautiful Orgonite oval stones corresponds with the 7 different chakra points of the body. By placing each one of them on our chakras, we can help the prana energy to flow freely, correct any energy blockages and raise our overall vibration. Can’t decide on which pyramid you want? Get the whole orgonite chakra set instead!

1.  Amethyst – crown chakra
2.  Lapis Lazuli – third eye chakra
3. Turquoise – throat chakra
4. Green Adventurine – heart chakra
5 Yellow Adventurine – solar plexus
6. Red Jasper – sacral chakra
7. Red aventurine – root chakra

4. Earth Crystal Orgonite Pendulum: Program it to give you a clear yes and no answer (tell it, around means YES and back and forth mean ‘NO’ and have source answer those questions that have been playing on your mind and you need answers to. Charge it on a full moon for extra power. Selected intuitively for you.

5. Doreen Virtue Crystal Angel Cards: This card deck is both a teaching tool about crystals as well as a divination method. With the Crystal Angel Oracle Cards, readers can see a beautiful original painting on each card by artist Marius Michael-George, featuring a specific angel with their crystal and a guided message upon each card. Please note the Crystal Angel Oracle set does not contain a guidebook as the meanings are printed on the individual cards. A great accompaniment to your crystal collection. 10.2cm long x 7.4cm wide 💜

6. Amethyst Crystal Orgonite Necklace: This beautiful, 100% authentic orgonite gemstone necklace will help shield you from negativity during your day and will help open your crown chakra & throat chakras. One of the most powerful crystals around, it will help you balance your emotions, calm the mind & promote a higher state of consciousness.


4 reviews for Awakening Essentials Pack

  1. Nate

    Amazing collection of Awakening Essentials! Just loving it. Thank you so much Awakened Earth Orgonites!!

  2. Angelina Grimley

    Beautiful and best in price, spiritual gift packs received from Awakened Earth Orgonites. Happy to buy it. Highly Recommended!😊

  3. Indiana Mortlock

    Wonderful spiritual gift pack! Happy to receive!!

  4. Gwen

    Fantastic spiritual pack! High quality products and extremely powerful crystals. Recommended! 😊

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