Crystal Pendulum


Crystal Pendulums allow you to listen to your subconscious, by answering your questions without the conscious mind getting in the way.

When asked a question, the pendulum will respond by swinging back and forth or in a circle. Receive inner guidance and understanding with a Crystal Pendulum from Awakened Earth.

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Your Crystal Pendulum will work in a way that is unique to you. It can either swing in a straight line or in a circular movement. The circles can be either clockwise or anti-clockwise. Before asking your question, ask the pendulum to assign its unique response. Start off by asking what a ‘YES’ response looks like. And then do the same for ‘NO’.

Once you have ascertained how your Crystal Pendulum works for you, you can set an intention to receive truthful answers and begin with a couple of test questions like your name. Charge it on a full moon for extra power.

We have a range of different pendulum’s which are intuitively selected for you by source. If you want a specific pendulum, drop us a line after payment or leave it for the universe to decide what crystal you need!

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